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How many baby bunnies?

This post and drawing from: M. Rollin

By M. Rollin

The clock struck 8 pm, we were all staring watching out for one of nature’s beauties. We were waiting patiently to see it peek it’s little head out. Finally it happened. We were amazed but our shrieks scared the poor animal so we quickly got silent. The first baby peeked its head out of the cozy nest his mom had made a month earlier. We all looked at each other. But we didn’t wait all that time to see each other so we turned back to look at the cage. The baby bunny was the cutest thing we have ever seen. Well… puppies and kittens are cute too but at the time we were only thinking of those little ears and big round eyes.

The first baby bunny looked around. He went straight to see if his mother was willing to spare a bit of milk. I guess she wasn’t ready for feeding time so the little black bunny hopped away to a carrot and started to nibble at it. Shortly after, a second baby came out. It was more of a gray and black mixed color. He was about half the size of the first one. Oh so cute and tiny!

But was that all the litter, two small little rabbits? A few seconds later that hypotheses changed as we watched a third one peeking its head out. Another beautiful black one with only a little white spot in the middle of its forehead. We all knew that he was probably the most shy because he was not sure about going out or not but in the end the courageous side of him won the battle.

In the cage there was now a full bunny family:

– The doe, Blanche-Neige, a beautiful miniature rabbit with big gorgeous blue eyes.

– The most courageous bunny, Noches, so black you can barely see the difference between his eyes and hair.

-Bugs, the smallest one, gray and looking like a little mouse.

-Qu‘1 seul Flocon (Flocon for short) a black bunny with one minuscule white dot on his forehead, reminding us of a snowflake falling in the dark night.

Let’s hope these cute lil’ creatures are exactly like their mom and grow up to be cute and FLUFFY bunnies!   by: M. Rollin

The new members to Barnyard Studio du Coin

Heartland spirit at Barnyard Studio

Greetings all,

I have new homework (of course) and it is to recreate a movie poster. We will practise pre-visualisation when photographing keeping in mind our layout and making sure there is room for text. I enjoy watching Heartland (And i know some of you like it too… girls)   :),  so I picked that show, since we are allowed to use a tv shows and not only movies. I photographed in the spirit of heartland at Barnyard Studio. Here is one of the sample photos I took. Once the “Movie Poster” is accomplished I will post it!


I am a grandma! Our rabbit, Blanche Neige (picture below), had babbies! I will post the photo’s next week of the beautiful tiny beauties! Guess how many babies… Find out next week!

Blanche Neige


Hammond 100th anniversary

Greetings all,

Christmas break was a busy and exciting time. Lynne Rollin, Francine Lalonde-Carrière and I photographed St-Mathieu’s Parish in Hammond-Cheney December 11th 2011. We were happily surprised to see how many people dressed up for the occasion. It was beautiful to witness and a lot of fun to photograph.

Hammond 100th anniversary

Click HERE to view more photos of the event!

Hello 2012!

Greetings all,

Firstly, I am sorry for not keeping you all up to date during the holidays.

I am back at College and doing my last term of the photography program. Yessssir!

During the holidays I had the chance of being with two great gals.

As they arrived to the farm they were focused at getting us a original logo. So off they went to work and together we have something quite special. Once again you will have to wait since i am working on it but once it is revealed you will love it! Thanks girls! Great work! While getting this logo together we got this cute shot of Billy the Kid (white one) and Jedi (black one) taken at the barn.

See you next week!

Studio almost finished

Greetings All,

Believe it or not the studio is almost finished! What an amazing feeling. We got the old barn wood out of the pile last night and took out some nails and sorted the ones we liked. We put them up this morning and i think the crew might just finish the wall late this afternoon! Before I unveil the finished studio, you will get a sneak peak of what it was a month ago and will have to wait to get the finished look soon!